Chain link fencing has proven to be a versatile fence option for many residential and commercial property owners across the Norcross, Georgia region. As a leading fencing contractor in Georgia, Accent Fence provides fencing solutions for home and business owners. While we offer several types of fencing, including Georgia aluminum fences, vinyl fences, and wood fences, this article explains the many benefits that chain link fencing offers. Keep reading to see if it will be a good fit for your next fencing project. 

Benefits of Chain Link Fencing

Chain link fencing may bring to mind an image of an old, rusty, bent fence protecting a rundown yard. However, chain link fences have improved greatly through the years and are suitable for a wide range of projects. Whether you need an affordable fence to mark your property line, a commercial-grade security fence to protect your family or business, or anything in between, chain link has evolved to become an attractive, functional option that can meet most fencing needs. Let’s look over a few of the great ways chain link fencing can be used for your property. 

Chain Link Fences for Security

Surprisingly, chain link fences are one of the MOST secure styles for Georgia property owners. Although some types of chain link fencing can be climbed rather easily, there are ways to make it more secure and difficult to breach. Commercial-grade chain link fences are extremely strong, which also adds to their suitability for securing your home or property. If you are considering installing a security fence, talk with our fence experts today to see how chain link can benefit you.  

Chain Link Fences for Privacy?

Photo of chain link fence with privacy slats in GA by Accent Fence Co. On its own, chain link fencing is not a good option as a full-privacy fence. However, you can change this by adding privacy slats to your fence. Available in multiple colors, privacy slats are a nice addition for customization and privacy. Privacy slats are manually woven in the chain link mesh of your fence and will increase the labor requirements but it’s a great way to get the privacy you desire. Our knowledgeable fence staff can walk you through your options, so reach out today with any questions you may have.


Most Popular Options for Chain Link Fences in Georgia

The following list showcases some of the most popular chain link fence styles from a top fencing contractor in Georgia. Although we do our best to only highlight products that we have available at the time of writing, sometimes the options that we share are not always available so be sure to contact us to see what we have to offer. 


Galvanized chain link fence in Georgia by Accent Fence

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Traditional chain link fence is the standard chain link fence option for homes and businesses across Georgia. It is affordable, consistently maintaining its reputation as one of the least expensive styles of fences. Rust-resistant and requiring little maintenance, galvanized chain link fencing is suitable for most properties across Georgia. 


PVC Polymer coated chain link fence in Georgia by Accent Fence

PVC and Polymer Coated Chain Link Fence

PVC and polymer coatings protect galvanized steel from rust and weather damage, which can be a concern for many homeowners. PVC is a plastic coating, and polymer is a powder coating, but they both add a softer feel to your fence. Available in black, PVC or polymer improves the overall look of traditional galvanized fencing and creates a more attractive fence. 


Photo of Privacy chain link fence in Georgia by Accent Fence Co

Slatted Chain Link Fences

To increase privacy and curb appeal, consider adding privacy slats to your chain link fence. Available in multiple colors, privacy slats are woven into the chain link material. Choosing privacy slats will increase the total cost of the fence because of the increased labor and materials costs, but the slats are aesthetically appealing and make your chain link fence look more custom. 

Learn More About Chain Link Fences in Georgia 

As a leading fencing contractor in Georgia, we have many fence options available for both residential and commercial properties. To see examples of our work, find inspiration for your next fence product, and get more information, check out our chain link fencing page on our website. Additionally, you can view our Georgia aluminum fence, wood fence, and vinyl fence projects. 

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