Finding a fence for your Georgia home or business that meets all of your requirements can be challenging as there are many types to choose from. While this list may differ from homeowner to homeowner, most people desire a fence that will provide safety, privacy, and curb appeal. Accent Fence has been serving the Norcross, Georgia area for several years and has many types of fencing available that meet these requirements. This article will discuss the benefits of vinyl fencing and how it may be right for you. 

Key Benefits of Vinyl Fencing

Purchasing a vinyl fence from a trusted Georgia residential fence company increases your home’s security, adds privacy, and boosts curb appeal. Durable and low-maintenance, vinyl is a good fit for most properties in Norcross, Georgia, and offers many benefits. The following list showcases just a few of the reasons we love vinyl fencing, and we think that once you read this article, you will agree! 

#1: Vinyl Fence is Strong 

Many people don’t realize that vinyl fencing is quite strong and able to withstand a lot of extreme weather challenges. Approximately five times more durable than wood, impervious to insect damage, and unable to be affected by rust, vinyl is stronger than many other types of fencing. When not reinforced, our vinyl fencing is guaranteed to withstand wind gusts of up to 60 mph; when reinforced with additional support, that number increases to 115mph. Additionally, because vinyl is unable to absorb moisture, it will not warp, rot, or deteriorate due to water damage, so it is a good choice for areas near swimming pools or sprinkler systems.

#2: Georgia Vinyl Fence is Low Maintenance 

Have you ever driven past a home or business and noticed their fence was faded or sun-damaged? You will never see this problem when you choose vinyl! Manufactured using a process that ensures the color of the fence is the same throughout the product, vinyl fencing never fades. You also don’t need to stain, seal, or paint it. 

Additionally, vinyl requires very little maintenance to keep it looking fresh and new. Usually spraying the fence with a garden hose will be sufficient to keep dirt and grime from building up. If you do find something has built up on the fence, washing with a gentle cleanser will remove it. Be careful not to use harsh cleaners on your vinyl fence because that can damage its shine. 

Many Georgia property owners choose vinyl fencing because of these benefits. Vinyl fencing is the top choice for those wanting an attractive fence with minimal time spent on upkeep. 

#3: Vinyl is Long-Lasting 

Since vinyl fencing doesn’t need much maintenance or care and is manufactured to be strong and durable, it will last for decades when properly installed and cared for. The overall value of vinyl fencing is unmatched compared to other fencing materials. Additionally, we offer a 1-year installation warranty, and our manufacturer offers their own 30-year product warranty. The combination of superior products, excellent workmanship, and great warranties make vinyl fencing a top choice for home and business owners in Georgia. 

#4: Vinyl Fencing is Attractive

Clean, white vinyl privacy panels provide a crisp, neat, and well-kept look that adds another layer of attractiveness to your property. Again, since vinyl never needs to be repainted, restrained, or resealed and never fades, it will look presentable and fresh for the length of its lifetime. If you want a Georgia residential fence that looks amazing and requires very little maintenance, vinyl is a great choice. 

#5: Georgia Vinyl Fence Provides Full Privacy

There are other types of fencing, like aluminum, ornamental iron, or chain link, that provide the low maintenance benefits that vinyl provides. However, those styles are not able to provide full privacy. Vinyl fencing is unique in that it combines the low-maintenance functionality of those styles with the full-privacy benefits of wood and creates a product that is truly exceptional. Vinyl comes in full panels, so there are no gaps between pickets or posts. It’s ideal for backyard spaces, pool areas, and perimeter fences. In commercial applications, it works well for hiding dumpsters and trash areas or mechanical equipment.

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