Frequently Asked Questions

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Residential Fence FAQs

Building permits for residential fences are needed if your specific municipality requires it, and every town and borough is different in Georgia. Check with your local town hall building code office, or give our office a call. We are happy to help you plan exactly what you need to get started on your new fence project.

It's easy to get an estimate from Accent Fence! Simply reach out to our office staff through our online contact form, or give us a call and our friendly fence pros will walk you through the process. Before you call, it will be helpful if you have the measurements of your property and take a look at the types of fences available on our webpage to get an idea of the styles you like. We're happy to help you design your fence and get the security and privacy you need most.

Fence costs in the North Georgia area vary between the type of material and the style you choose. It also depends on the current cost of materials due to supply and demand and the size of your property. It's easy to get a quote! Simply reach out to our team via our online form or give our office a call to find out which fence best fits your budget and needs.

The amount of fencing you need at your Georgia property depends on the size of your property and the goals you have for your space. If you are looking for fencing for your pool area or garden, you can measure a section of your yard to enclose it. We can help you with your design and measurements! Just reach out to us by our contact form or by phone for fast, friendly service.

There is no bad time of year to get a fence in the North Georgia region. Certain times of year can mean that our installation schedule is busier, and you may have to wait a little longer to have your fence installed. Our fence team always does our best to get you the fence you need right when you need it. Reach out today to find out what our current schedule availability is!

Commercial Fence FAQs

If you aren't sure what type of fence is best for your needs and goals at your North Georgia commercial property, our team is here to discuss it with you and give you advice on the benefits and features that comes with each fence we offer.

To find out what fence works best, look through the types of commercial fences we offer and the styles we carry, and compare it to the benefits you need for your business. Some fences are best installed for privacy, like wood fences and vinyl fences. Others work best for security and strength, like aluminum fences and chain link fences. If your purpose is mainly decorative, both aluminum fencing and wrought iron look amazing!

Whether you are looking for one or more of these benefits from your fence, our professionals can help you make the perfect choice and solution.

Your fence should be positioned inside of your commercial property line. It's important to check with your local tax office or building department to find out if there are specific restrictions for your property. Sometimes there are set-back lines that are designed to make sure you and your neighbors don't encroach on each other's lawn. Your best bet is to find out from your town, and even check with your commercial neighbors for courtesy's sake if you plan on putting up a tall fence so they know what to expect.

The main difference between commercial fencing and residential fencing is the gauge of the metal or the thickness of the fence material. Often, commercial properties require a higher level of security, and our commercial grade fencing is manufactured to be stronger overall. Within commercial grade fencing, there are multiple levels based on the type of fence you desire. In some instances, industrial grade fencing can also be installed, which is another higher level of security and strength.

The cost of your commercial fencing will be dependent on the type of fence material, style, and grade you choose. Normally, commercial grade fences are a build to a higher degree of strength to give optimal security for your space. When you choose commercial grade fencing, it will reflect a higher price point than the residential versions of the same type, but overall, you can analyze your needs and compare our entire line of fencing products to determine what fits your needs and budget best!

Our fence experts are just a quick message or call away! Reach out to us through our online form and we will be happy to answer any questions you have. You can also call us and speak directly with one of our friendly staff during our office hours.

Farm Fence FAQs

Traditionally, farm fencing is wooden post and rail fencing, split rail fences, or high tensile fences. Welded wire can be added to post and rail fences for specific small animal yards. There are variations of each type based on what you need to enclose. For example, if you have horses, you can border your land with split rail, but if you have smaller animals like chickens or pigs, you'll need something closer to the ground and with less open space. Our team of fence experts is happy to discuss your specific needs and find the perfect solution for your NNorth Georgia property.

Farm fencing works very well when it comes to following the changing levels of ground across many fields. Wood fencing particularly is always one of the most adjustable types of fencing and can be modified to your specifications.

Barbed wire is often added to farm fences in the North Georgia area. It can be useful in order to contain your livestock and also to protect your animals from predators that may try to come through your fence. Even if you have fields of vegetables or other crops, barbed wire can help keep animals from getting in to eat your plants.

Yes! We often install post and rail farm fencing at various communities and for individual residential properties all across the North Georgia region. When you speak with our associates, ask about our variety of wood rail fences and explore the best options with our experienced staff.

The majority of the post and rail farm fencing we install in the North Georgia area is the 3 rail or 4 rail options. 2 rail post and rail farm fencing is less common, but it is completely up to you which one you prefer!

Aluminum Fence FAQs

In order to secure a property in North Georgia, a metal fence, such as an aluminum fence, is a great option. Lightweight aluminum may give the impression of weakness, but don't be mistaken! These fences are as durable as other metal fences and can endure the impact and winds that may be found in the North Georgia region.

Fencing made of aluminum is a popular option for homes in the North Georgia region. An aluminum fence provides a stylish and safe enclosure for your house or business thanks to its many useful features. In addition, we have models specifically designed to keep your smallest pets safe in your yard. If you're interested in purchasing an aluminum fence from Accent Fence but haven't seen the details, please read more on our aluminum fences page or give our team a call.

Aluminum fences are long-lasting and require little maintenance throughout the years. The material has been treated carefully to prevent rust and corrosion, and it requires very little maintenance during its long lifespan. The occasional mild wash with a water hose or standard home cleaners and a sponge should be sufficient. Apart from that, you should not need to do anything!

Powder-coating your aluminum fence prevents corrosion and makes regular maintenance a breeze by sealing in the final color under a chemically bonded layer. It's accomplished by applying an electrostatically charged powder to the metal and baking it into a smooth coating.

The majority of aluminum fences installed in the North Georgia region are rackable, meaning they can be set up to contour to sloping terrain. Getting in touch with our fence specialists directly is the best way to find out what you need for your particular area. They can advise you on which kind and design of fence will work best in your situation.

Protecting your dogs in the yard with an aluminum fence is a fantastic idea. We have models with "puppy pickets," or closer-spaced pickets at the bottom of the fence, to prevent even the smallest of dogs from escaping.

Chain Link Fence FAQs

Chain link fences are one of the most economical types of fencing, coming at a lower upfront cost than many other types of fencing. Of course, the cost of your chain link fence is dependent on the size of your area to be enclosed as well as the gauge you choose for the metal mesh. Get a quote from our experts today, to find out which options work best for your needs and budget!

Powder coating is a process developed where a powder substance is used to coat the exterior of a chain link fence in such a way that the heat of the application solidifies the fence to protect it. Powder coating on a chain link fence is a method developed to have a better process and outcome than traditional painting. It also allows the protective layer to be thicker overall and more evenly distributed on the fence for a stronger result. Many years of development have gone into powder coating materials and methods, which have been a trusted method for years.

Chain link fencing in North Georgia is an option that many residential and commercial properties choose for their security and safety. When you're looking for practical and economical fencing, chain link is a great way to go. This strong metal fence is a tried-and-true material with a strong link weave that can be installed in heights starting at 4' and going up to 8 in some cases. Animals and children can play safely inside of a yard protected by a chain link fence, and business owners can protect their materials and property with a chain link security fence.

Yes, chain link fences are available in heights from 4', 6', and 8' heights. They also come in a variety of grade levels based on your security needs. Residential chain link fencing is normally the most economical. After that, commercial and industrial grades of chain link fences can be installed for spaces needing added security.

It's fairly easy to secure your chain link fence from being able to be pushed out for an animal to escape. All you need to add is a bottom tension wire that will reinforce the fabric and frame. Tension wire can be added in a variety of gauges just like the chain link fabric itself can be adjusted. If a tension wire is not enough, a bottom rail could also be installed for a stronger barrier.

Chain link fences are one of the most economical types of fencing, coming at a lower upfront cost than many other types of fencing. Of course, the cost of your chain link fence is dependent on the size of your area to be enclosed as well as the gauge you choose for the metal mesh. Get a quote from our experts today, to find out which options work best for your needs and budget!

Vinyl Fence FAQs

Many homes and businesses in the North Georgia area have vinyl fences installed. Vinyl fences are a popular choice among our North Georgia customers because they are long-lasting and need little upkeep while yet providing protection, privacy, and aesthetically pleasing addition to any property.

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the plastic most often used to make a vinyl fence, ranks third among the world's most manufactured synthetic plastics. Beautiful fences in a number of designs may be made from it, but it also has many other applications in the building industry, including in windows, pipelines, and other items.

Vinyl lasts a long time, so you don't have to generate or consume as many new resources to replace it, and it can be recycled after you're done with it. There's no need to paint it or treat it with other chemicals. Vinyl fencing is one of the most eco-friendly alternatives available.

PVC, the material used to make vinyl fences, is nonporous, therefore it does not readily accept paint. When it comes to fences, many North Georgia residents select vinyl since it never needs painting or staining. Unlike wood fences, vinyl fences retain their original color and shine for the duration of their life span.

Definitely! Vinyl fence is popular due to the privacy it provides in certain installations. Consider your privacy requirements and choose the right fence from the options we provide.

The fences made of vinyl need almost little upkeep. Keep an eye out for dust and grime accumulation, and if necessary, spray down your vinyl fence with some water. The use of mild home cleaners is also an option. Your new fence just has to be washed occasionally to look great for many years to come.

Wood Fence FAQs

Wood fences in the North Georgia region are popular because of their adaptability; they can be altered to fit almost any property. Wooden fences may be closed off to maintain your privacy, or they can be left open for a more breezy look. Regardless of the slope or slant of your land, a wooden fence may be adapted to match your needs. The aesthetic value of a wood fence is another major plus! Though some other fence materials may be fabricated to resemble wood, nothing beats the classic appearance of a real wood fence.

If you're looking for a way to increase the level of privacy at your North Georgia home or business, a wooden fence is a great option. Wood fences may be installed with either full panels or pickets spaced in semi-private styles, depending on your tastes and needs. Wood fence is a very popular choice for those who desire seclusion and solitude in their space.

Your wooden fence should be stained or painted, but the decision is ultimately yours to make. Due to its organic nature, wood fences deteriorate more quickly than man-made ones. Applying the proper coating of stain or paint to your fence is not only the greatest way to preserve its aesthetic appeal, but also its durability. Please feel free to contact our fence professionals at any time for more advice or information on staining your fence.

A lot of homes in the North Georgia region benefit greatly from a wood fence. The best way to decide whether it's suitable for you is to think about what you want to achieve and then consult with our experts to see what they recommend. Wood fence may be a stylish addition to any area in need of privacy, boundaries, or added protection. It's very adaptable and one of the most flexible fencing options available.

When treated with care and protection, wood fences should last up to 20 years. Wood fences are susceptible to rot and warping, however, if properly maintained with high-quality paint or stain and examined regularly for damage, a wood fence may last for decades while adding aesthetic value to your home. The type of wood your fence is made out of can also affect how long it will last. There are several varieties of wood, some of which are more dense and long-lasting than others.

It's true that wood fences need more upkeep than other fencing options, but they're well worth the effort. Invest in a high-quality stain or paint to protect your wooden fence and repaint it every few years. In addition, it's important to regularly inspect your fence for signs of wear and tear, such as warped or cracked boards, and to repair these places as soon as possible. Your wooden fence's lifespan may be significantly increased with regular maintenance.

Ornamental Steel FAQs

Ornamental steel fencing is a great option for properties of all shapes and sizes in the North Georgia area. It is a very strong material that creates a high level of security with an unmatched elegant design. If your priorities are design and strength, ornamental steel is a perfect solution for any home or business.

Ornamental steel fencing is one of the more costly types of fencing in the North Georgia area due to the weight and strength of the metal and the craftsmanship it takes to build. When you are in the market for a new fence, speak to our fence professionals who can help you get a quote for whichever types of fencing you're looking for and help you find the perfect fit for your goals and your budget.

As far as earth-friendly fences go, ornamental steel fences are a great choice. The metal is easy to maintain, long-lasting, and recyclable if you need to in the future. All of these factors contribute to it being a very eco-friendly type of fence to install at your North Georgia area property.

Ornamental steel fences are built to last a lifetime at your North Georgia area property! Throughout history, you can still find ironwork that has stood for centuries, and it's no surprise why with the solid, durable metal it is crafted from. Certain factors like climate, maintenance, and protective coating all impact the longevity of your ornamental steel fence, but regardless, you can be sure that your fence will stand strong for many, many years.

Ornamental steel fencing needs very little maintenance over its lifetime at your North Georgia property. Being proactive is the best way to make sure your fence will last without any issues. Keeping your ornamental steel free of dents will help prevent rust, so avoid using lawn trimmers too close to your fence or planting bushes too close to your fence, which can hide problems if they arise. Other than a rinse every now and then, your ornamental steel fence should need no cleaning or repairs, and you'll also receive a manufacturer's warranty that should cover major problems for your peace of mind.

The overall strength of ornamental steel fences in North Georgia varies based on the thickness of the fence posts and pickets as well as the post depth and fence height. Steel fences are more durable than most other forms of fencing because carbon is added to the iron, which helps an ornamental iron/steel fence survive the elements and other possible harm.

One of the best features of ornamental steel fences is that it is resistant to rust and corrosion. The engineering of the metal and the protective coating that it comes with helps to ensure a long-lasting product with very little maintenance needed and no peeling or chipping. You can have peace of mind with the manufacturer warranty that covers your fence, too.