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Choosing the Right Ornamental Fence For Your Dream Home

A log cabin surrounded by both plants and a white picket fence.

Many people prefer having a fancy fence around the house, which protects its inhabitants and gives a royal look to the space. For several reasons, having the right fence for your home is essential to many homeowners. The first thing to consider while picking the right fence for your home is the most crucial reason of why you want it in the first place. You could need a fence to enhance the overall look of your house, maintain your privacy, or keep the outside streets away from your sight. You could also think of fencing to keep the cold winds away, protect the children or pets from going out, or enhance the aesthetics of your space.

Choosing the best, safest, robust, and decorative fence for your home could be daunting. Hundreds of innovative fence ideas can be executed appropriately and further beautify and transform the overall look of your site.

Factors You Need to Consider Before You Choose the Right Fence for Your Home

There could be several reasons to install a beautiful fence around your home, like the ones mentioned below:

  • Safety for your children and pets when you are outdoors.

  • Privacy when relaxing outdoors.

  • Enhance the attractiveness of your home.

  • Keep yourself away from the noisy streets.

  • You need a clear separation from your neighbors.

The kind of fence you need highly depends on why you need it.

Community Regulations

Follow the US Safety Fence Guidelines. The Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends using a fence with a minimum height of 48 inches, a maximum spacing of 1 ¾ inch between sections, and no fence bars. The door must be self-closing, self-locking with child safety locks, and must open outwards from the pool (if you have one).

Check the Price

Buy a fence that complements the house design and that suits your budget. There are various materials available and several designs and patterns that you can employ. It is always better to hire the services of a professional to help you with the right kind of fence for your space.

Choose From a Variety of Materials

You can purchase your home fence in wood, aluminum, vinyl, wrought iron, bamboo, or chain link. Steel fences, PVC, and stone fences are trending and are appreciated by many. You need to choose the kind of material that suits the exteriors of your house and complements or fantastically contrasts the home interiors. Also, durability and cost are essential factors to consider before you pick a suitable material.

Consider Going With Fences and Without Doors

If easy access is more important to you than safety, consider leaving the gate and installing multiple staggered gates to make room for a passage while obstructing the street view. Consider a tiered design. If a large privacy fence around your yard seems too much, consider a stair tread design to get privacy where you need it.

Choosing the Right Fence for Your Space

Choosing the right fence for your property will contain your home within sharp and defined boundaries. Simply put, you create a wall around your property with the right fence. Fences can protect your homes and can enhance the architectural styles. Here are some examples of different types of fences you could consider getting, and what to keep in mind if you do:

A border collie standing on a white wooden fence.

Install a Strong Fence to Prevent Stray Animals in the House

Increase the height of an ordinary garden fence by attaching netting to higher posts, thus creating a higher fence. Another option is to widen your fence by planting tall hedges along one side.

A Robust Grilled Fence

Invest in a sturdy fence to protect children and dogs from running out of the house. It is also highly beneficial to shield from winds and keep the strong breezes out. A grilled fence is a great idea that will let the light in as it comes with small gaps between the boards (or even a trellis-like design) and layers of lush plants on either side for privacy.

Get a Great Fence With Stable, Lockable Gates

Before buying this fence, check local building codes and apply for a permit if necessary. If you are unsure, you can hire a professional to map it for you. Make sure there are no underground utilities along the route.

Colorful Fences

If you have a fence for your garden, black may not be the color you immediately think of. Think of bright and cheerful shades that remind you of vegetation or pastel shades like you see in the changing seasons.

Chain-Linked Fences

You can decoratively dress up your beautiful but chain-linked solid fence, and they are hard to beat when it comes to safety. They can keep even the most determined guard dog on your property safe, and children can play safer within the walls of the sturdy structure.

While chain link fence may be the way to go, it is not high on aesthetics. We recommend lining the fence for the security you want and a beautiful garden to look at! Climbing and flowering vines can transform an ordinary fence into something beautiful.

A Wooden Fence

A wooden backyard fence might be the best option if you have a patio to have it match in style. Preferably opt for the weathered look or dark teak shade. This design is mainly made up of many panels of polished wood with a matte finish placed on top of each other in the shape of a pile.

A Picket Fence With an Arched Entrance

Initially, this style was tried primarily for cottage designs and was very popular in rural living spaces. However, as the upward trend and passion for this design increased, it became popular even for multi-story house designs.

In Conclusion

You can consider the above-mentioned inspirational ideas to style your home with an elegant, trending, and stylish fence. A protective fence sets your house apart from the other accommodations in your neighborhood. A good fence can be installed not only to maintain the look of your house but also because they are highly protective and durable, giving your house a multitude of creative coverage. Experts in the field such as Accent Fence have the right experience, knowledge, and expertise in fences, and can guide you according to your preference and requirement. Contact us for more information.

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