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Top 7 Benefits of Commercial Fencing

Close up of an old chain link fence.

Securing your business premises is essential for the safety of your customers and staff. The condition of your commercial fence has many implications for property value, productivity, and security. In this article, we’ll explain the benefits of installing commercial fencing on your business premises for your employees and clients.

Project a Professional Business Image

One of the benefits of commercial fencing is the visual appeal to your business. You could choose from several options available — from chain-link and PVC to fall protection fences.

Commercial fencing that is aesthetically pleasing can boost your business image in the eyes of your clients. You can pick a fencing installation that reflects the symbolic characteristics, colors, and values of your brand. You can use the fence as a board to post flyers or your logo to promote your business. Besides promotions, safety signs can direct customers to the relevant offices.

Investing in a new fence will give your business a sense of professionalism and efficiency even more than expensive landscaping. By installing commercial fencing, you can increase the property value.

Safeguard Privacy for Your Staff’s Productivity

You can use commercial fencing for privacy which is beneficial for your staff and customers. Depending on the location, pedestrians and patrons from nearby businesses can distract employees. Those disturbances can have an impact on productivity.

With commercial fencing, you can create private zones where employees meet for meetings or brainstorming. You may also implement a smoking area for both staff and clients.

The fence allows personnel to work around the premises away from prying eyes. These secluded areas can serve as a sanctuary for staff that needs some time alone during a break. As such, commercial fencing can contribute to employee morale and creativity.

Clients will also feel more secure when approaching your business. Bumping into people in nearby establishments can discourage some prospects from patronizing your premises. Quality fencing instills a sense of security on your premises, making it a worthwhile investment in areas where this is a priority.

Secluded Areas for Storage

Many businesses have inadequate storage spaces for equipment, merchandise, and furniture. You may place some equipment outdoors. But without a sturdy fence, there is always a risk of vandalism.

A fence creates a border that defines the boundaries of your business premises. It will deter pedestrians who could damage or vandalize your valuables. The barrier can stop vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles from veering into the business premises. Solid fencing can also hide these items from sight to reduce the risk of curious onlookers.

Warning board attached to the construction site fence.

Facilitate Occupational Health and Safety

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), fall hazards are the most common causes of work-related injuries. Organizations must implement measures to protect overhead platforms, holes in the wall, or elevated workstations.

OSHA has specific requirements for overhead platforms and open-sided workstations. If you have dangerous machinery, you have to implement fall protection regardless of the elevation. You may need to install guardrails, fall-arrest barriers, and stair railings.

OSHA violations can attract hefty fines and impact your business's image in the long term. The commercial fencing must be up to standard to ensure optimum protection.

You may want to consult our commercial fencing professionals for fall protection. Accent Fence is a Blue Ribbon-recognized contractor offering quality fencing solutions in Buford, GA. We offer a one-year warranty for every fence we install.

Traffic Control and Definition

Uncontrolled human traffic on your premises can cause accidents and disagreements with neighboring businesses. A fence defines a boundary that is readily recognizable by staff and clients. The lack of a barrier can compromise the safety of valuables and individuals on your property.

You can install commercial fencing to control access to different areas of the premises. The barrier funnels human traffic to corresponding zones. Trespassers have no excuse to wander off into your property to steal information or equipment.

Larger organizations with multiple departments can redirect their staff to avoid confusion. Commercial fencing is the best way to define the property line to deter unwanted guests and reduce accidents.

Allow Staff to Bring Their Pets

A report by Scientific American suggests that many employees want the opportunity to bring their pets to work. Top corporate brands like Amazon and Google already have pet-friendly policies that welcome dogs and cats to work.

Bringing pets to the workplace has many benefits, including improving staff relations and reducing stress levels. Smaller organizations are adopting the same policies to allow non-assistive companions to boost morale.

A commercial fence can facilitate access control that allows your employees to come to work with their pets. Numerous studies attest to the beneficial effects the dog's presence can have on staff communication and cooperation.

Some employees may need a pet companion to manage their mental health. Research shows the psychological benefits also extend to our animal companions. A commercial fence can ensure your premises are appropriate for pets.

Ensure Optimum Security at All Times

Inadequate security can become a concern for your customers. Secluded parking spaces offer a higher level of safety for employees and clients. Your clients could go elsewhere if they feel your premises are unsafe.

A commercial fence creates a barrier that makes it hard for vandals to access your property. It can protect the building from graffiti, vandalism, or theft. Businesses have several options for securing their premises, depending on their security requirements. A chain-link fence is a viable choice if you want to create secluded areas for recreation or brainstorming.

You may also opt for an automated gate system with the fencing installation. The state-of-the-art fencing offers protection and additional convenience. It is ideal for most modern businesses and can provide you with a record of who is coming and going from a remote property.

Before installing a commercial fence, it is advisable to determine your requirements. Do you need privacy? Do you have hazardous materials or sensitive information? Would you prefer something beautiful or functional? Your objectives will determine the fencing ideal for your business.

If you require a new fence, you can consider installing an Accent Fence in Buford, GA. At Accent Fence, we offer both residential and commercial customers innovative fencing solutions. The solutions include wood, ornamental aluminum, vinyl, and chain-link fences of the highest quality. We also offer fence repair, staining, temporary fencing for both the residential and the construction industry, as well as high-security fencing and access controls. Contact us today to get a free estimate.

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