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Spring Clean Your Business’s Curb Appeal with Trex Fencing

A brown trex fence in a flower garden.

Often, customers ask us if there's any beautiful ornamental fencing we can install. They specify that they don't want "ugly or boring" fencing. In response, we introduce them to the Trex Fencing line of products, which has something to suit everyone's needs. Best of all, Trex Fencing is low maintenance, a feature that makes busy business owners really content with their ornamental fence.

Why Trex Fencing Is the Best for Low-Maintenance Ambiance

Outdoor ambiance can be difficult to achieve. The right fence can help. Depending on what you want to enclose with the fence, you can get a really beautiful look with minimal maintenance.

Trex Fencing combines low maintenance with high-quality ornamental fencing. A sales rep with Accent Fence can show you dozens of examples of how this type of fencing has been installed on other commercial properties here in Atlanta. The sales rep can also provide samples of Trex Fencing for you to see and touch so that the fencing style and color you choose are exactly what you want.

How Trex Fencing Creates the Perfect Sense of Ambiance

All Trex Fencing is made to be matte in appearance and nullifies solar glare. This is especially useful if any part of your fence will be encircling a pool. Pools reflect a ton of solar glare, which is then dulled by the matte construction of your Trex fence.

At night, you can turn on the brightest lights and not have that glare bounce off your fencing in the surrounding landscape. The lights are thus softer, and your guests can enjoy whatever evening meetings you are hosting.

The fence was also tested for sound barrier efficacy. It was found to deter some ambient noise. If your business is located in a somewhat noisy neighborhood, you might find these test results a plus in your search for fencing materials.

One more ambiance feature of this fencing is that both sides of the fence are the same. Referred to as "good neighbor" fencing, it simply means that nobody gets the uglier side of the fence where you see all the supports and joists. It looks the same no matter what side you're viewing. This adds to the ambiance of genteel neighborly manners while still maintaining a thorough sense of privacy.

What Trex Fencing Is Made of and Why It's So Low Maintenance

A grey trex fence next to a side walk.

Trex Fencing is eco-friendly because it is made from 95% recycled wood and plastic. It is a composite of these two materials to give you a wood look but with the low-maintenance properties of polyvinyl (i.e., plastic) fencing. The look and textural feel of the fence simultaneously reminds you of hand-sanded wood, even though it is not completely wood.

There are three colors to choose from. Pick a light gray, medium reddish-brown, or dark brown. Each can be purchased in either vertical or horizontal "plank" style to get the desired look. Details you may add include decorative post caps and/or lattice fencing.

Because the wood is ground to a pulp and fused in the factory with bits of plastic, it is tougher and harder than most plastic fencing. It is also the reason why it resists mold, mildew, and rot. While there may still be a little color fading over the years, it does not weaken the strength of the fencing material in the least. It can take a beating from just about anything and still hold its shape and stay in place where you install it.

Weather Resistance and the Warranty

Some sun fading is natural because of the plastic content of composite fences. However, Trex Fencing will fade far less because it is a composite fencing material and not just plastic. This natural resistance to sun fading means that the fence you choose will remain attractive for all the years you own and work on your property.

An additional plus is that this fence can withstand winds of up to 110 miles per hour and gusts up to 130 miles per hour. It has been tested and approved by the Miami-Dade Florida wind load certification process. This means that if you face a milder hurricane or tornado in Atlanta, your fence will likely still be standing when the storm is over.

If you needed any more encouragement, Trex Fencing comes with a 25-year warranty. Few other fencing types or materials can make this kind of promise. Wood typically doesn't last for more than a decade, and traditional all-vinyl fencing rarely provides more than 20 years of protection.

Care and Maintenance

The care and maintenance of this fencing material are relatively simple. Most stains will wear off on their own. A few other stains, such as oil and grease, should be rinsed off as soon as possible. Under no circumstances should you ever use a pressure washer on Trex Fencing because it voids the warranty.

Simple soap and warm water from a bucket or garden hose are sufficient to clean the fence. Protective coatings approved by Trex can be used to restore areas of your fence that have been stained heavily. You can find more cleaning and care rules here.

Call or Meet With Us Today to See What Your New Trex Fence Could Look Like!

Accent Fence has a team of fencing designers, engineers, and architects that can take your property measurements and create install maps and visual aids. With the help of the installed maps and visual aids, you can see exactly where your fence and gates will go and exactly what it should look like when it is done. This service helps most of our customers feel confident in their choice of fencing and content in the final results.

We are willing and able to help you with all of your fencing needs. Contact Accent Fence in Buford, GA today to get an estimate for your commercial fencing project!

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