1st Class Atlanta Pool Fencing

To beat the heat during the warm summer months, many Atlanta families choose to install pools in their backyards. While a fence may not initially be one of your first thoughts when it comes to your pool construction, it is an essential piece of the process. A fence is necessary around a pool to prevent small children from wandering in and potentially hurting themselves in an unguarded pool. There are certain guidelines you must follow when constructing a pool fence in Georgia, which is an important reason to select an experienced fence contractor who is familiar with your local pool codes and can help you determine the fence that best meets these rules, as well as achieves the look you want and keeps you within your budget. Accent Fence has been installing pool fences in the Atlanta area for over 13 years now, and we have installed many fences to enclose pools.

Aluminum Pool Fences

Aluminum is perhaps the most popular type of pool fence we install. With an aluminum fence installed by Accent Fence, you get a product that is maintenance-free and includes a lifetime warranty. In Georgia, almost all of our 5′ tall residential aluminum fences meet local pool codes, and a couple of the 4′ tall ones do in some areas. Aluminum pool fencing is an excellent choice for homeowners for several reasons. First of all, it is popular among households with children, as an aluminum fence is an open fence that allows a high level of visibility, so even if a parent has to momentarily step outside the pool area, he or she can still see inside the fence. Also, the spacing of the pickets on an aluminum fence are already made to meet most pool codes, as they offer a spacing of slightly less than 4″ between the pickets. At Accent Fence, the hardware that we include standard with our aluminum gates meets pool code as well, as it allows all gates to be self-closing and self-latching.

Steel Pool Fencing

Ornamental steel fencing is another choice for homeowners needing a pool fence in Atlanta. Our steel fencing offers a similar look to aluminum, but is a stronger and more durable product for fences that will get more wear and tear than aluminum. Steel fencing does offer some of the same benefits as aluminum: a great warranty (20 years), many standard styles that meet pool code, and gates that readily accept pool hardware. Our ornamental fencing is a great options for homeowners looking to install their fence on a concrete pool deck. These posts can easily be plated and anchor bolted to the concrete without the need to core drill larger post holes.

Wood Pool Fencing

Since we build all of our wood fences custom on-site, it’s fairly simple for Accent Fence to construct a wooden privacy or picket fence that meets pool code for your new pool. Whether you like the idea of a pine or cedar privacy fence, or maybe a picket fence that will allow some visibility into your pool area, we can build a wood fence to surround your pool that will keep you and your family safe.

Pool Codes

To get you started, here are some local pool codes in the Atlanta area:
Gwinnett County Pool Code
Fulton County Pool Code
Dekalb County Pool Code

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