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Protect your home or business property with a stylish fence built for privacy and security. Many customers want their fence to be strong without sacrificing a great looking property but we're here to tell you that you can accomplish both of these features and more with a fence from Accent Fence!

Our trained fence specialists are available to assist you with design decisions for your new fence installation and will walk you through the process of choosing the perfect fence for your property. Get the support you need from a Buford Georgia fence company you can trust! Give us a call to see what it's like to work with a friendly, professional fencing company who puts their customers first!

What's Your Fence's Purpose?

Buford residential and commercial fencing options

In Buford, Accent Fence has been a go-to for years for dependable fence solutions at affordable prices for both Residential Fencing and Commercial Fencing customers. Whether you need a fence for your home or your business, we have a wonderful option that will fit your budget and give you years of reliable security.

Buford Georgia residential fencing company

Buford Georgia Residential Fences

All of our residential fences in the Buford area are built to last and remain beautiful, accenting your space for many years. Whether you choose a wood fence, vinyl fence, chain link fence, aluminum fence, composite fence, or ornamental steel fence, you will get the same quality installation from our experienced team.

Buford Residential Fencing
Buford Georgia commercial fencing company

Buford Georgia Commercial Fences

Commercial properties across the Buford GA area often need a fence for a multitude of reasons, and our team understands what matters most. Protect your business from liabilities, secure your property and matters, and add an attractive and welcoming entrance to your storefront with one of our many styles of fences available.

Buford Commercial Fencing

6 Fence Options for Any Buford Georgia Home or Business

Our fence experts at Accent Fence have a combined 20+ years of local industry experience, so we understand the range of fencing needs in Buford. Composite Fences, Aluminum Fences, Vinyl Fences, Chain Link Fences, Wood Fences, and Ornamental Steel Fences are the best fence types to consider. Whether you're looking for privacy and security, or a decorative enhancement, we can guide your fence installation process from start to finish!

aluminum fence Buford Georgia

Buford GeorgiaClassic Aluminum Fences are Strong

Aluminum fences are a highly popular choice in the local Buford area, especially for pools, yards, and businesses. Aluminum fences last for decades with little fuss or upkeep, and they add elegance to any yard or garden. We offer gates and decorative finials at Accent Fence to complement your aluminum fence. This type of fence is more expensive initially, but you will get your money's worth over time. Aluminum fences provide a classic look, boosting curb appeal and security.

Buford Aluminum Fences
vinyl fence Buford Georgia

Buford GeorgiaVinyl Fences are Carefree and Durable

Vinyl fences are an excellent choice for any yard or playground area. Vinyl fencing is available in white and tan. Vinyl is more durable and lower maintenance than other fence materials. Weather in Buford Georgia is no match for our durable vinyl fences because we use the highest quality materials for a virtually carefree fence. We reinforce our gates with steel frames and use PostMaster posts, securely installed for a strong, stable fence.

Buford Vinyl Fences
chain link fence Buford Georgia

Buford GeorgiaChain Link Fences are Less Costly

Many local customers in Buford Georgia opt for chain link fences due to their affordability. Chain link fences are less costly than other fences, but thanks to the latest technology, they are more attractive and functional than ever. Chain link fences are also available in a black, PVC-coated option for additional protection and a softer feel. There are also slatted upgrades for privacy. Partner with Accent Fence if you need a great fence without spending a ton!

Buford Chain Link Fences
wood fence Buford Georgia

Buford GeorgiaWood Fences are Beautiful

The fastest way to add beauty to your residential or commercial property is to install a new wood fence. Our experts at Accent Fence have installed many styles of wood fences that can be designed specifically to complement any property. There are highly customizable details such as fence style, post caps, gates, stain colors, and decorative cutouts. Please consult with our professional fence team in Buford Georgia before choosing your new wood fence.

Buford Wood Fences
Ornamental steel fence Buford Georgia

Buford GeorgiaOrnamental Steel Fences Raise the Standard

Ornamental steel fences provide the very best safety and security for your Buford Georgia property. It's the best type of fence that money can buy, and it will last for a lifetime. Ornamental steel fences raise the standard because of their customizable features. You can add secure gates and choose a height of up to six feet. Add decorative finials or custom styling to create a welcoming entrance.

Buford Ornamental Fences
Composite fence  Buford Georgia

Buford GeorgiaComposite Fences are Customizable

Enhance the curb appeal of your property while enjoying the strength of aluminum framing with our composite fences. Say goodbye to traditional wooden fences that require constant maintenance. Whatever your preference in color of panels, get ready to enjoy a beautiful fence for many years to come and our composite fencing can be installed as a full privacy or semi-private design. The composite panels are engineered to resist fading and color deterioration, maintaining their vibrant appearance over time, and are available in five different colors.

Buford Composite Fences

Buford GeorgiaFarm Fencing

Depend on the experts for farm fencing solutions for rural, farm, and other agricultural applications in Buford Georgia and the surrounding areas.

Strong rail farm fences are the perfect installation option to protect your crops and keep your animals safe on your property. They can also be added to residential properties simply looking to add a decorative accent to a boundary.

You can choose post and rail fences with 2, 3, or 4 rails based on your needs and preferences, and add wire mesh for added security. We use only high-quality wood posts and rails for every fence we build and install, so you'll know you're getting the very best in products and services.

Buford, Georgia's Most Popular

Farm Fence Options

There are multiple farm fencing options you can choose from to create the perfect solution for your situation. Whether you need a higher level of protection or you simply want to enhance the natural beauty around the perimeter of your property, we have the perfect solution for you!

3Farm fencing options popular in the Buford, Georgia area

Our most popular type of farm fencing is called Post and Rail. In this style of fencing you can select different heights, different numbers of rails, and you can add strong welded wire to drastically increase the security of the fence. Check out our most popular farm fence options used across Buford Georgia.

3-rail Farm fence solutions for the Buford, Georgia area

2-Rail Farm Fences

The shortest of the farm fencing, the 2-rail fence is just like it sounds with 2 wooden rails being fixed to each post around your property. This type of fence is great for decorative fencing or keeping in small animals when you add wire mesh.

3-rail Farm fence solutions for the Buford, Georgia area

3-Rail Farm Fences

For more height and an extra rail for strength and protection, 3-rail farm fences are probably the most common types of agricultural fencing since they can contain more animals but also stay at a mid-range height of about 4-5 feet tall.

4-rail Farm fence solutions for the Buford, Georgia area

4-Rail Farm Fences

Choose your farm fencing based on the aesthetics you are looking for as well as the height that you need. 4-rail farm fencing is the tallest of the rail wood fences and can also be fitted with wire mesh for a more secure boundary.

Use our FREE Fence Estimator Tool

Our free online estimator tool is the fastest and most accurate method to receive a quote on the fence options for your Buford property. Using the tool is a cinch! Try this absolutely risk-free and obligation-free feature today.

Buying a Fence in Buford Georgia

Our Easy Process

In order to get a fence installed by Accent Fence in the Buford area, follow these easy steps for success! As you shop our wide selection of fence types and styles, work with our team to make your process a great experience.

Buying a fence step 1: Measure the property
Measure the Property

Plan out the space for your property that will be enclosed by your new fence. The size and shape of your area will determine the amount of materials needed and help calculate the overall cost.

Buying a fence step 2: choose a fence style
Choose a Style

Decide on the exact style of the fence material you prefer. From wood fences, chain link fences, aluminum fences, and vinyl fences, there are many great styles to choose from based on your needs and preferences.

Buying a fence step 3: Delivery & Installation
Delivery & Installation

Once we have the order for your exact type of fence, style, and the size of the property, we can choose a date with you for installation and delivery!


All About Our Buford Georgia Privacy Fences

When it comes to privacy fencing in Georgia, nobody beats us! We provide a wide variety of privacy fence options for Buford residents and business owners to choose from.

Buford Georgia wood privacy fencing

Buford Georgia Wood Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fences are often chosen by Buford residents. The versatility of wood, in addition to its familiar, natural appearance and low cost, makes it a popular material for a wide range of fence projects.

Buford Wood Privacy Fencing
Buford Georgia vinyl privacy fencing

Buford Georgia Vinyl Privacy Fences

In Buford, vinyl privacy fences are not only aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting but also practically maintenance-free. View our variety of style choices to see which one may be right for you.

Buford Vinyl Privacy Fencing
Buford Georgia chain link privacy fencing

Buford Georgia Chain Link Privacy Fences

Adding PVC slats to a chain link fence can deliver privacy and elegance to your yard or pool area. A commercial property can benefit from privacy slats, as they obscure the view of stored materials that you may not want the public to see.

Buford Chain Link Privacy Fencing
Buford Georgia Composite privacy fencing

Buford Georgia Composite Privacy Fences

Our stylish and eco-friendly composite fence system is available is several colors and allows for customization to create a secure and secluded space in both full and semi-private styles and can be tailored to your height preferences.

Buford Composite Privacy Fencing

Buford GA Wood Fence Options

Wood fences are a perfect choice for Buford Georgia residents because of the natural look and the variety of custom styles and colors you can achieve with wood fencing materials. Let's take a look at several popular styles of wood fence often installed in neighborhoods all around the greater Buford area.

Buford GA Shadowbox style wood fence

Semi-Private Shadowbox Wood Fences

This form of wood fencing in Buford GA is beautiful from either side of the fence, so you can enjoy the view as much as your neighbors will. It has boards that alternate on each side of the fence with just a little space between that causes it to be qualified as a semi-private fence. It's ideal for neighbors who are dividing the cost of the fence since both sides have the same beautiful appearance.

Buford GA stockade style wood fence

Privacy Style Wood Fences

In Buford GA a variety of board-on-board and privacy stockade fence styles are available in this traditional form of wood fencing. Our signature X-style wood privacy fence is very popular. There is also the option to style the top of the fence in either a dog-ear, cap top, convex, or concave style, depending on your preference. It is also possible to change the height of the boards, which can range anywhere from 4' to 8'.

Buford GA cap and trim style wood fence

Rail Style Wood Fences

Our split rail and post and rail fence options work wonderfully for decoration or practicality in Buford. A split rail fence is a functional, rustic-style fence that is popular for rural properties, farms, and ranches. Split rail fences are commonly used to demarcate a residential property line from the road and are mostly used for decorative purposes. Post and rail fences have long, smooth-cut rectangular timber rails suspended between large posts that have two, three, or four horizontal rails to keep livestock from roaming and are generally considered functional rather than decorative.

Buford GA X style wood fence

X-Style Signature Wood Fences

The X-Style wood privacy fence is our most popular and most requested design. Unique in its look, it is strong and provides the privacy you would expect from a wood privacy fence.

Contact Our Fence Team

When you need assistance with the installation of a fence on your Buford Georgia property, feel free to contact our team of knowledgeable specialists. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Choose Professional Fence Installation
in Buford Georgia

Work with a top-rated fence installation team in the Buford region! Our installers are trained and ready to help!

Buford Georgia DIY Fence Installation

Buford GeorgiaProfessional Fence Installation

Since its founding in 2000, Accent Fence has been installing fences in the Buford area and all across the region. Over the years, we've installed a variety of different styles and types of fences for both homes and businesses. Our installers work hard to make sure we're using the most up-to-date methods, and following industry standards as well as best practices for long-lasting, beautiful fences that will give you the security and peace of mind you're looking for. When our crew works on a fence project, we have no doubt you will love the end result!

For A Local Fence Company You Can Trust Choose Accent Fence in Buford GA

With integrity, expert installation, and top notch customer service, we continue to build an excellent reputation and long-lasting relationships within our Buford community!

Accent Fence is your local Buford GA fencing solution! Known for offering the latest fencing styles around, our vast catalog of fence materials and designs are the perfect addition to your home or business property, bringing beautiful style and strong protection.

When choosing a local fence company in Buford, you'll come across several businesses to pick from. But we are confident that the more you explore, the more you will know that Accent Fence is the right choice for your fence. Always work with a company who is licensed and insured, has great reviews, and a long-standng business like Accent Fence and you'll be sure you made the right choice!

We offer the latest fencing styles around the Buford Georgia area with the best options in modern fencing. Give us a call and tell our fence professionals all about your fencing needs. Our staff is always courteous and friendly, and our estimates are always free!

The Accent Fence Difference in Buford Georgia Fence Installations

Purchase A Fence in 3 Simple Steps
in Buford Georgia

Accent Fence has been providing Buford with high-quality fence materials and installations since 2000. As one of the leading fence contractors in the area, you can trust that we will help you through each of the three steps listed below so that you can have your new fence installed as soon as possible.

Fence buying process from our Buford Georgia fence company - Step 1

From a Variety of Fence Types and Styles

When you're ready to begin your project, you can browse our website for available fence materials, designs, and styles. Many of the fences we offer are durable, strong, and suitable for a variety of homes and businesses. Call our friendly staff today and we can help you pick the best fence for your needs!

Fence buying process from our Buford Georgia fence company - Step 2

Your Perfect Fence

When you have looked through our available fences and have an idea of what you would like to install, you can use our Instant Fence Quote tool online to compare and contrast styles and cost. You can call our office and we can walk you through the process. Accent Fence has been providing fencing solutions for years and we are here to offer our guidance so that you can find exactly what you need.

Fence buying process from our Buford Georgia fence company - Step 3

From the Professionals

When it's time to install your new fence, our expert crew will be there to quickly and efficiently complete your project. Contact us today to find out how to take your dream fence from an idea to a reality!

Our Customer Reviews

We work hard to make sure our customers have a great experience with us. Here are just a few of our 5 star reviews from customers in the Buford Georgia area.

Buford Georgia fence company 5 star reviewsGail

Buford Georgia fence contractor 5 star reviews

I would recommend Accent Fence everytime! They worked with me to find the best solution for our needs. I now have a beautiful backyard with a black chain link fence to keep my pup safe. What I love about it is it blends in with the landscape. We live in the woods and you can barely tell we have a fence. It doesn't take away from our beautiful backyard. They took great care to make it look amazing. Shannon suggested the black chain link and I could not be happier. So professional, knowledgeable and nice!

Actual client. This user received no incentive for this 5 star review.

Buford Georgia fence company 5 star reviewsJon Juergens

Buford Georgia fence contractor 5 star reviews

Had a great experience with Accent Fence! Our salesman Duke was thorough in explaining all our options, always prompt to answer all of our questions, and checked in with us constantly while we were waiting to have some other work done to our yard before the fence went up. Once work began the workers were very efficient and meticulous about everything they did and had the whole fence up by the end of the day. Would highly recommend Accent fence!

Actual client. This user received no incentive for this 5 star review.

Buford Georgia fence company 5 star reviewsLin Marsh

Buford Georgia fence contractor 5 star reviews

Love Shanon, we have hired accent for 4 different fence jobs, always impressed. Never an issue. The men and women who come out to complete the job are always efficient and clean up after themselves. Always recommend.

Actual client. This user received no incentive for this 5 star review.

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Buford Fence FAQs

Our most frequently asked questions about fences in Buford Georgia.

Accent Fence has been installing fences in Buford Georgia since 2000. Almost immediately, we established ourselves as one of the top fence companies in the Buford area, through our dedication and commitment to quality workmanship and customer service.

Yes. We are a 100% fully licensed and insured fencing company operating in the entire region surrounding Buford Georgia. Unfortunately, there are several local companies selling fencing and fence installation services in Buford that are not licensed or insured.

Be careful not to choose one of these companies! Their lack of professionalism is already apparent before they dig their first hole!

Yes. We provide a workmanship warranty on all the fences we install in Buford Georgia. This protects you against improper installation. Each of the different fence types have their own manufacturer's warranty that may also apply. Talk to us about the specifics of your fence warranty once you have selected the style and type of fencing you wish to have installed.

Buford residents actually use all types of fences for their homes and businesses. Generally speaking, wood fences seem to be the favorite in Buford, especially for residential fences.

The best fence is the one which meets your needs the best. Our Buford fence experts will happily come to your home or business to help you plan your project and to give you a free estimate and expert consultation.

We only sell and install fences made from high quality materials. Each of our fences handle the Buford Georgia weather just fine.

Believe it or not, there may be specific issues that your property has that would make one type of fence a better option than others. One of our fence experts will need to inspect your property to give you our expert advice.

Every local municipality has a separate set of requirements when it comes to building permits, and that includes residential fencing. Sometimes the specific height of the fence or placement of the fence or purpose of the fence can impact the need for a permit. There are also HOA considerations in some areas.

We have installed many residential fences in just about every possible area across Buford so we are happy to answer these sorts of questions and/or to guide you through the process.

The best way to get specific answers quickly and accurately is to simply call your town building code office.

Getting a fence installation for your Buford Georgia property is easy! Just visit this link to fill out your property details and project requests and you can get a quote instantly! If you'd rather, give our friendly fence pros a call at (603) 818-3619 and we'll be happy to discuss your needs to get you a quote directly.

All of our fence professionals at Accent Fence are employed by our company directly. We work hard to make sure our staff is just as dedicated to the finished fence product as you are and are trained in top notch workmanship and customer service.

We provide fence installation services for the entire region surrounding Atlanta Georgia area and crossing into many regions of Northern Massachusetts as well. We can travel! If you call, we will be happy to talk with you about your location and how we can help you find your perfect fence.

We're Here to Help!

When you have fence questions, our team of experts are glad to walk you through the process. Simply reach out by phone or online and connect today!

Buford Georgia Fence Examples

Here are a few examples of fences in Buford Georgia

These are examples of some of our recent fencing projects in Buford Georgia. We have many more! If there is a specific style fence you are looking for in Buford, simply Contact Us and we'll send you plenty of awesome fence photos and examples!

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Got fence questions? We have answers to the most asked questions from other Buford, Georgia property owners like you.
Visit our FAQ page to see what popular questions other people have asked and get the info you need.

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Consult With Fence Experts

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