Composite Fencing Key Features

Create the fence of your dreams with composite fencing that comes with a wide array of features to match your needs!

Our composite fences are installed with strong, decorative aluminum posts made to interlock with each panel for a beautiful look and long-lasting durability. We install all of our posts at top industry standards so you can be sure your fence will stay in place and last many years.
Every one of our composite fences are built with horizontal aluminum rails that connect the panels to each fence post, seamlessly. The number of rails included in your composite fence is determined by the style fence you choose.
The most common styles of composite fencing are built with solid panels creating full privacy for your space. Each panel is made with wood plastic composite boards interlocked with each other to create a complete panel, without the need of screw or exposed hardware. Many other styles are available that creates a semi-private look with spaces between the rails and boards to meet your exact preferences.
key features of Composite fencing in Norcross Georgia

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The Advantages of Composite Fencing

Here are just a few of the many reasons why property owners often choose composite fencing in Norcross Georgia.

example of a Aluminmum privacy fence in Norcross Georgia

Composite Fencing is Low Maintenance

Composite fencing across Georgia is known for its many low maintenance features. The material composite fencing is made to not fade or fracture and to withstand the elements for many years. If hosing your fence down periodically is not enough, the only type of cleaning it may need now and then may be a gentle wash with dish soap and a non-abrasive sponge. It's that simple!

Composite Fencing is Attractive

Our composite fences are designed with a modern look in mind for beautiful accents to your property! You can create a wide range of looks with the many color and texture options available. Composite material can even be made to look like wood! You have the option of building a full privacy fence, a semi-privacy fence, or a more open rail-style fence that complements the overall look and feel of your property.

Composite Fencing is Eco-Friendly

Composite fencing in Georgia is one of the greenest options around! Not a single tree has been deforested to manufacture our composite fences, and the material that is used comes from recycled cellulose wood fibers and recycled consumer end PE plastics. With no toxic additives or preservatives in our composite fences, you can be sure that your family, pets, and surrounding vegetation are protected!

Trex® Composite Fencing Built to Last

Trex composite fencing is backed by its 25-year Residential Limited Warranty and can be trusted to outlast the elements for years to come. Trex won't rot, peel or splinter and it never needs painting or staining.

Learn More About Trex Fencing

While most of the raw materials used in making Trex are recycled, these materials are carefully processed to ensure the highest level of quality and performance. The end result is decking that performs better than wood fences, lowering your cost over time through lesser maintenance.

With pressure-treated wood fences, maintenance costs add up over time. Although Trex costs more initially, you'll never have to sand, stain or paint your Trex fence. Over the life of your fence, those reduced maintenance costs add up to a greater value than wood - not to mention the value of the added time spent enjoying your fence rather than working on it.

Trex fencing requires far less maintenance than wood fencing, but does require some maintenance to keep it looking good throughout the years, much like washing your car. Trex high-performance composite fences require less work - a simple soap and water cleaning is all that is necessary to maintain the beauty of the products.

Trex products offer superior durability and performance that you can't get from wood. Trex fencing resists termites, won't rot, warp, or splinter-and never needs staining or painting. What's more, Trex fencing is made from 95% recycled materials: That's an eco-friendly fencing choice you can feel great about.

National Distributor of Modern Composite Fences

Greenwood Fence is a distributor of high quality modern European style fencing for the residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors. Looking for a fence that combines aesthetics with durability and requires very little maintenance? Then welcome to wood plastic composite (WPC) fence solutions, an increasingly desirable, modern and practical alternative to more traditional fence options such as lumber.

Learn More About Greenwood Fence™

A Greenwood Fence™ is a WPC fence system that is created by combining WPC fence boards with highly decorative aluminum posts and coverings. The result is an incomparably elegant and simple functionality fence. View our gallery to see some of the stunning customizable looks that can be created to complement any project application. A Greenwood Fence™ has the versatility to meet almost any creative preference or need.

  • Very low maintenance, with a built-in resistance to staining, fading, mold and mildew.
  • Waterproof - the high-density core Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) material, combined with a co-extruded polymer surface shield, prevents water absorption unlike wood and other composite products. Unlike wood, there is no rotting or decaying with our WPC fence boards.
  • An Eco-Friendly fence - A Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) made from 90% recycled materials with no toxic additives or preservations.
  • A Greenwood Fence™ board is resistant to insect infestations, such as termites.
  • Lightweight - The highly dense and durable hollow core allows for incredible strength and makes it easy to handle for purposes of .
  • Easy Installation - If you are familiar with working with wood, then you already know how to work with our WPC products.
  • Five colors to choose from, with more that are exclusive and customizable.
  • Safe for family, pets and surrounding vegetation. Our fences do not splinter or contain any toxic additives that can seep into the soil.
  • A Greenwood Fence™ is a system that can be customized to meet any seclusion need. Privacy or non-privacy
  • Whatever your preference in design, get ready to enjoy a beautiful fence for many years to come.

The GWF ADVANCED SERIES utilizes extrusion molding technology to produce a co-extruded Wood Plastic Composite (WPC) fence board. The polymer shield of the WPC board evenly and firmly covers the extruded core.

Co-Extrusion retains the advantages of traditional WPC such as mildew and insect resistant, abrasion resistant, scratch resistant, stain resistant and weather proof. However, some properties are even better. The experimental data proves that the wear and scratch resistance of the co-extruded WPC boards are more than five times stronger than that of the first-generation mono-extruded WPC fence boards.

In addition, the solid outer layer of the co-extruded WPC fence board is effective against the penetration of colored liquids and oil-containing liquids, making the surface of the board very easy to clean. This outer layer can improve the resistance of WPC fencing to sunlight, rain, snow, acid rain and sea water, giving the fence an incredibly long service life.

Greenwood Fence™ Brand products are backed by a 20-year limited warranty. Rest assured, as a GWF product owner, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful fence, hassle free, year after year.

"Going Green" is more than just a slogan to GWF. Not a single tree has ever been deforested to manufacture our fences. We use recycled cellulose wood fibers and recycled consumer end PE plastics that amount to more than 90% of the composition in our material. Additionally, there are no toxic additives or preservatives in our product, keeping your family, pets and surrounding vegetation free from any toxic seepage into surrounding soil.

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