If you’re a contractor or property owner in need of commercial chain link for the safety and security of your business and inventory, you’ve come to the right place. Accent Fence has been installing commercial chain link fencing in Atlanta for over 15 years, and we can help you secure whatever area you need efficiently and cost effectively. Whether indoors or outdoors, Accent Fence has professional contractors ready to meet your needs.

Commercial Chain Link That Lasts

Commercial chain link comes in several grades depending on how secure the area you wish to enclose needs to be. For light commercial needs, schedule 20 framework may be sufficient. If you have valuable inventory that needs to be able to withstand the most proficient of intruders, you may want to consider schedule 40 framing and 9 gauge or even 6 gauge chain link fabric. Accent Fence can install other types of commercial chain link, too, such as commercial fencing for ballfields, warehouses, schools, government properties, and many other varieties. If you have certain specs you need to meet, Accent Fence can help. We can also offer assistance if you need our input when determining the type of commercial chain link that is best for you.

Black Chain Link Fencing

We do a lot more than just standard commercial galvanized chain link, too. If you need the security of a commercial-grade fence but also need to maintain a certain aesthetic appeal, Accent Fence installs commercial grade black vinyl chain link. Available in the same gauges and thicknesses as galvanized, this material has the added benefit of a PVC coating which will extend the life of the fence and help protect against rust. For extra security, Accent Fence can also upgrade your commercial chain link fence with items such as barbed wire, razor ribbon, truss rods, brace rails, and much more. We even install heavy commercial gates large enough to allow access for cars, trucks, and tractor trailers. With a team of experienced and insured installers and quality fencing materials, Accent Fence can be trusted with any of your Atlanta commercial chain link installations.

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