Installing a fence can effectively enhance the security and protection of your home, family, and business property in Norcross, Georgia. As an experienced Norcross, Georgia fence company, Accent Fence can provide valuable insights into the qualities to consider when choosing the ideal fence for your specific needs. Read on as we outline seven important qualities that should be considered during the security fence selection process, ensuring that your home, family, and business remain safe and secure.

7 Qualities of an Effective Security Fence

Balancing property security and aesthetic appeal can be a daunting task, but fortunately, there are numerous security fence options available that can fulfill both objectives. As an experienced Norcross, Georgia fence contractor, we prioritize safety above all else when it comes to security fencing, as we understand the importance of providing you with peace of mind. In the following points, we will delve into seven essential qualities that will serve as your guide in selecting a security fence that meets your specific requirements.

#1 – Increased Height

One of the initial considerations should be the height of your fence, as taller fences pose a greater challenge for potential intruders to climb and will deter them from trying. However, it is important to familiarize yourself with the zoning laws in your area, as some localities restrict fence heights to 6 feet. If allowed, opting for an 8-foot or higher fence is preferable for enhanced security, as the primary objective is to select a fence that is difficult to overcome. Your Norcross, Georgia fence company will be able to advise you on how to check your zoning laws. 


The mere presence of a fence can create an impression of increased security for your property. Even a small, decorative fence can give pause to a potential intruder and prompt them to reconsider their plans. Anything that hinders a burglar from swiftly entering and exiting your property unnoticed contributes to your safety. The more obstacles you can create to impede burglars from easily removing items from your premises, the better your security measures become.

#2 – Create Good Visibility

When planning a security fence project, it is crucial to prioritize clear sightlines and good visibility. Whenever possible, opt for a fence design that allows you to see through it, enabling you to quickly detect any suspicious activity on the other side. This enhanced visibility ensures that if someone attempts to break in, you will have the opportunity to observe them and alert the authorities before they manage to breach your fence. Moreover, non-privacy fences that offer unobstructed visibility offer an additional advantage. Even if a potential thief successfully climbs a fence with open rails, their presence will still be evident from the street, making it challenging for them to escape notice. Your Norcross, Georgia fence contractor will have recommendations on how to achieve this objective with your security fence design.

#3 – Reduce Hiding Places

To optimize the effectiveness of your security fence, it is recommended that your fence line not be crowded with any bushes, storage sheds, dog houses, playhouses, or other structures present in your yard. These objects can hinder visibility and provide potential intruders with additional hiding spots, compromising the security measures in place. Strive to keep your yard and fence line free from obstacles, allowing for a clear and unobstructed view of your entire yard.

#4 – Make It Difficult to Climb

Maximizing the effectiveness of your fence involves selecting a design with minimal horizontal rails, particularly for chain link fences, where opting for smaller holes can make it more challenging to climb. Additionally, consider adding a deterrent to the top of the fence, such as spikes, points, or another finish that is difficult to grasp, as a flat top can be scaled regardless of its height. An experienced Norcross, Georgia fence company, like Accent Fence, can suggest the best options for your particular property.

#5 – Choose Strong Materials

While it is true that given sufficient time, determination, and motivation, almost any fence can be breached, selecting a high-grade material is crucial when installing a security fence. Opting for the highest grade available, such as commercial-grade aluminum or chain link, will provide enhanced strength compared to standard residential options. By choosing a stronger material to be installed by your Norcross, Georgia fence contractor, you increase the level of difficulty for potential intruders, as the longer you can keep them out, the greater your security measures become.

#6 – Add Additional Deterrents to Your Fence Top

Adding more security deterrents to the top of your fence will increase its effectiveness. One way that a Norcross, Georgia fence contractor can do this is to add barbed wire to the top. Be sure to check your local municipal codes to ensure that you can do this without penalty. If you choose vinyl or aluminum fencing, you may be able to pick spires for the fence top, which makes it harder to scale. 

#7 – Install Lighting and Security Cameras

To add to the previously mentioned security measures, consider the installation of security lights and cameras. Well-placed lighting will make it considerably more challenging for potential intruders to go undetected during nighttime. Moreover, the addition of security cameras near your fence provides an additional layer of protection, enhancing overall security for your property.

More to Consider from a Top Norcross, Georgia Fence Company

Once you have read these tips and decided what you need to implement in your security fence design, you will need to choose what type of material to use. We offer aluminum, wood, chain-link, ornamental steel, or vinyl fences in various styles and with various features to meet your needs and requirements. 

When you’re ready to design your residential or commercial security fence with Accent Fence, your trusted Norcross, Georgia fence company, we will be happy to help you with the process. You can call us or use our online estimator tool to get a quick, easy quote in just a few minutes.