Your treasured family pet is an important part of your family, so making sure that they remain safe and contained in your backyard should be one of your top priorities. Having an enclosed space for your dog to run and play in is an important part of being a pet owner because an active dog is a happy dog! As you consider the type of fence you’d like to have installed, you may wonder which is the best for your pet’s needs. This is where we come in! As a top-rated Norcross, Georgia fence contractor, Accent Fence has a team of professionals that can help you decide! Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular residential fence options available.

Which is the Right Fence For Your Pet

There are a few different options that will keep your dog protected and secure within your yard. However, when determining which one is the best choice, it is important to keep in mind your dog’s personality and temperament. Keep reading to decide which residential fence option is the best solution for you and your dog.

Vinyl Fence Dog Owners

Vinyl fences are a great choice if you have a dog because they are extremely durable, lasting decades without requiring extensive maintenance or repair. A vinyl fence is flexible, so it is able to absorb more weight and pressure, which is important if you have a larger dog who likes to jump up or stand against the fence. With this in mind, it’s also important to note that vinyl fencing is very easy to clean, requiring only soap and water. A vinyl privacy fence will block the view from both the inside and outside your yard, so if your dog is an excessive barker, a full privacy vinyl fence will limit distractions lessening their need to bark.


Additionally, vinyl fencing is a good option because it is simple to clean, requiring only soap and water to remove paw prints from furry friends who like to jump or scratch, and is available in a variety of heights and styles so it’s customizable in case your pup tries to jump the fence. Check out our vinyl fence page on our website to get some ideas and inspiration.

Aluminum Fencing For Dog Safety

Aluminum’s durability and safety, combined with its low maintenance requirements, make it an excellent fence choice for dog owners. An aluminum fence creates a stylish, elegant look for your backyard, with multiple style and height options available. Aluminum may not be the best choice if your dog tends to bark a lot at passersby, as it is an open-style fence that will allow your dog to see everything going on outside of your yard. If this isn’t an issue for you, then an aluminum fence is a great option, as it will keep your dog safe without obstructing your view.

Wood Fencing Gives You Security

Wood provides a beautiful, natural look of traditional fencing as well as a strong barrier to keep your dog protected and secure. Wood fencing comes in many different styles in both privacy and open pattern options.  


A privacy-style wood fence will prevent an excitable dog from being triggered by people and other dogs walking by your property. However, wood is less resistant to damage caused by a dog’s scratching, jumping, and chewing and will need to be repaired or replaced more frequently over time. Get more information about what styles might be best for you and your dog on the wood fencing page of our website.

Chain Link Fencing is Affordable and Secure

As a full-service Norcross, Georgia fence contractor, we also offer chain link fencing options, which is another good option for dog owners. Chain link fence is a popular choice among our clients as it is significantly less expensive and easier to maintain than some of the other types of fencing we’ve discussed. There are several customization options available for chain link fencing, including color, height, and galvanized or PVC and polymer-coated options, which make them even more durable and rust-resistant. 

Ornamental Steel Fences are Tough and Maintenance Free

An ornamental steel fence is extremely durable and is perfect for dog owners whose pets are active. No matter how much abuse it takes, an ornamental steel fence will stand up to the task! The powder-coated finish of ornamental steel fences helps to prevent rust, corrosion, and other deterioration. Your ornamental steel fence won’t peel or flake and is easily cleaned with some water and a rag. An ornamental steel fence may not be the best option if your dog is a barker, as they provide a secure yet wide-open view of everything going on outside. 

Composite Fences are Safe, Strong, and Environmentally Friendly

Our composite fences are one of the best options for your furry friends! Composite fences are made completely from recycled products, and they come in a variety of full privacy and semi-privacy options with multiple styles and color options available. Composite fencing is strong, extremely low maintenance, and available in varying heights. Additionally, composite fencing is environmentally friendly, with no toxic additives or harmful components, so you can be sure that your family pets are protected.

Which Option is the Safest Fence? 

In terms of safety, wood fencing, aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, chain link fencing, ornamental steel fencing, and composite fencing are all great choices when looking for the best fence solution for your dog. Each style will keep your pet safe and secure in your yard. The fence you choose will ultimately come down to budget, maintenance requirements, durability, and the specific needs of your pet. As a trusted and long-established Georgia fence company, Accent Fence has all of the information available so that you can make an informed and confident decision.   

We’re a Norcross, Georgia Fence Contractor that Cares! 

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