It’s very important for property owners in the Norcross, GA area to not only protect family and belongings but create an attractive, comfortable outdoor living space. If you want to ensure your property’s security and curb appeal, consider having Accent Fence, a top-rated fencing contractor in Georgia, install a privacy fence around your property!

In this article, we list the many benefits of having a privacy fence, along with the available materials, making it a little easier for you to choose what’s right for your project.

  • Georgia Privacy Fence Keeps your Family and Pets Safe

Having a secure privacy fence in Georgia can put your mind at ease when your children or pets are playing outside. Keeping them within the boundaries of your yard is one of the best ways to keep them safe, especially if your property is right next to a busy street. Fencing is an excellent choice since children and pets cannot be monitored all the time and it can be very effective in keeping them from running out into a busy street or into a neighbor’s yard. Not only will a privacy fence keep your children and pets confined to your yard, but it will also keep unwelcome visitors out. A solid Georgia privacy fence will also establish a border for your outdoor living spaces, allowing your family and friends privacy while you spend time together.

  • Privacy Fence Cuts Down on the Noise

A privacy fence made with the right design and materials can serve as a noise barrier around your home, blocking out some or most of the unwanted sounds from the neighborhood. If your property backs up onto a busy street, you’ll be surprised at the difference a six or eight-foot privacy fence makes to the noise level. The solid construction of a privacy fence deflects sound and gives you a welcome break from the busyness that is all around your home. A Georgia privacy fence also allows you the assurance of having gatherings with friends and family without disturbing your neighbors and, sometimes more importantly, without your neighbors disturbing you. Being a considerate neighbor is always the goal, and with a privacy fence, it’s that much easier!

  • The Value of Installing a Georgia Privacy Fence

Another benefit that comes with installing a privacy fence is increased property values.  Privacy fencing adds curb appeal to your property and could make all the difference for a future buyer.  A quality fence installed by a reputable fencing contractor in Georgia, like Accent Fence, adds aesthetic value to your property. This added to the benefits of safety and protection a privacy fence brings, will be on many people’s wish list for a new home. You’ll have the advantage in the market when it’s time to sell!

  • Define Property Lines With a Georgia Privacy Fence

A privacy fence comes in very handy for setting the boundaries of your property. Without a well-marked property line, your Georgia property could be more vulnerable to trespassers. You always want to check with your town, city, or county office to be clear on any guidelines they may have when it comes to installing a fence around your property. It’s also a good idea to check with any neighbors that might be affected. It’s perfectly legal for you to create the privacy you need for your home or property, but by offering this respectful gesture you keep relationships peaceable. A little bit of research can go a long way and save you a lot of headaches down the road. The experts at Accent Fence can help guide you with any questions you may have.

  • Privacy Fence Shelters You From the Weather

A privacy fence will offer your home and yard protection from the natural elements! A solid, well-installed privacy fence acts as a windbreaker, protecting you and whatever is enclosed inside from the effects of strong winds and stormy weather. Landscaping, garden plants, flowers, and any outdoor furniture will be kept safe inside the boundary of your privacy fence. Not only that, but it will also offer shade from the sun, depending on the positioning of the fence and your home, which is beneficial to your plants and landscaping, especially during the warmer months.

Material Options for Your Georgia Privacy Fence

Residential fences are available in a variety of materials, styles, and levels of customization. Aluminum fences, chain-link fences, wood fencing, vinyl fences, and ornamental steel fences are all great options; however, there are a few that should be considered over others if privacy is your main concern.  


One great option is a vinyl privacy fence. Because of its durable material design, vinyl fencing can survive strong winds and inclement weather without fading or warping. Vinyl requires very little maintenance, is long-lasting, and boasts a clean, bright aesthetic. You can keep your vinyl fence looking brand new with just a gentle wash with sudsy water and a quick rinse with the hose.


Wood fence is made of natural material and is a popular choice because of its versatility. Wood can easily blend into whatever surrounding it is in and can be customized into a variety of styles. Wood fencing is strong, durable, and naturally beautiful, making it a perfect choice for your privacy fence in Norcross, GA and the surrounding areas.


Chain link isn’t the first option you think of when looking for privacy fencing! However, adding slats to your chain link fence instantly gives you the privacy you want. Privacy slats come in several different colors, and they fit into the chain link gaps to increase the amount of view obstruction. A chain link privacy fence’s galvanized steel framing and composition have made it a popular choice for Georgia homes and businesses because of its long-term durability and minimal maintenance costs.


While aluminum fencing and ornamental steel fencing are low maintenance, durable, strong, and can add a classic, beautiful aesthetic to your property, they are not usually considered if privacy is your main concern.


Take a look at our photo gallery, where you can see some of the designs and examples of projects we’ve done with these fence materials. As you look through the photos, you will gain inspiration and ideas for your own project.

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